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Get Filmed

Capture memories, improve skills, get recruited.


See any sport from 30 feet above the field, with a broadcast style scoreboard. We can also insert graphics for sports games. All filmed in High-Definition and distributed via SD card.

RAF Uses Hi-Pod to film all our events!

Custom Highlight Packages also available!

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send us an email.


Can you focus on my child so I can send it to colleges?

Yes we can focus on one player, however most college coaches want to see your athlete and what is going on in the game around them.   Because all of our events are shot in HD, we are able to zoom in on a player during the editing process if needed.   RAF can create personalized recruiting and highlight video for you as well on a custom basis. 


Do strong winds affect the quality of a video recording?

No. The Hi-Pod is heavy and stable, plus there is also an optical stabilizer in the professional cameras we use, which is better than the standard digital stabilizer in consumer camcorders. 


If I download a High Definition game to my computer can I burn it to a DVD?

An HD file can be burned (copied) onto a DVD as a .MP4 file and not as a DVD movie file.   For example, an MP4 will not work in a DVD player, but will work if shown on a computer.   Longer events, where the .MP4 file size is above 4.7 gig will not fit onto a standard DVD and must be burned onto a Blu-Ray.  RAF can adjust the quality of the video to make the .MP4 less than 4.7 gig, we can also render any event to be able to watch it on a DVD player, or burn up to a 25 gig file onto a Blu-Ray DVD at an additional cost.


How long does it take to receive my DVDs once it's filmed?

Typically, there is a one week turn around time. However, for some tournaments it can take up to 4 weeks due to heavy production schedules. 


I am trying to access the video link RAF sent me, but I don't see the folder with my games in it.

If you are using Safari to access the download server and don't see your folder once you login, you will need to Enable 3rd party Cookies.  In Safari, go to Internet Options  >  Privacy  >  Advanced, and Enable 3rd party cookies.  Close out Safari and try to login again.